Terminoteca RDF | Ontology Engineering Group

This dataset makes available a set of multilingual terminologies as Linked Data on the Web. Terminoteca RDF aims to integrate different terminologies into a single unified graph and constitute a single entry point to them. In that way information coming from different sources and developed in isolation can now be traversed and searched in an easy way by following Semantic Web standards. Terminoteca RDF aggregates the following sources at this moment:

  • Terminesp is a terminological database in Spanish created by AETER (Asociación Española de Terminología) by extracting the terminological data from the UNE documents produced by AENOR (Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación). It contains the terms and definitions used in the UNE Spanish norms and amounts to more than thirty thousand terms with equivalences in other languages whenever they are available.

  • Termcat is the centre for terminology in the Catalan language. It was established in 1985 by the Government of Catalonia and the Institute of Catalan Studies and its mission is to ensure the development and integration of Catalan terminology into both specialist sectors and society in general through the constant creation of innovative, quality tools and resources in permanent dialogue with experts and users.

The core data has been modelled using the Lemon-Ontolex model

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